Reputable Watch Dealers In Singapore

In the recent years, Luxury watches are a form of Social status in recent years. It is important to purchase luxury watches from reputable watch dealers to avoid getting your money cheated. As the watch industry gets more attention, scams and related forms of scams are arising. It is important that end users purchase their watches from reputable dealerships. In this article we will discuss the importance buying or purchasing your watches from reputable watch dealers in Singapore.

Authenticity and Condition:

Reputable Watch dealers would do a full routine check on the watches ( Includes checking movement).They will check on the watch condition and even the warranty cards. If the end users are purchasing a special dial, they would do a full check up on the watch to ensure that the watch dial is not swapped. For the warranty card, the dealer will do a check on it to ensure nothing has been modified on the warranty card. As for the condition, the dealer will ensure that the condition is as good as new before it is sold to the customer.


Reputable Watch Dealers would ensure the timepieces are keeping time. This is to ensure that the watches are running accurately. In event where the timepiece need a service, the dealer would do the necessary servicing and repair before passing it to the end user. This is the responsibility of the dealer.

Financial ability:

It is very important to know the watch dealership financial ability. Some shops overpromises on their guarantee buy back policy but at the end of the day due to decrease in market prices the are not able to buy back the watch from their customer. This will cause the end user to lose confidence in the dealer.

In house warranty:

Reputable Watch provide in house warranty to ensure that the customers have a place to go in the event there is something wrong with their timepiece. This is after sales service that differentiate from buying on second hand platforms. End users have a place to get their watch serviced or fixed.

These dealers carefully curate collections of pre-owned watches, conducting thorough inspections and authentication processes to ensure the quality and genuineness of each timepiece. By choosing to purchase from these reputable establishments, watch enthusiasts can confidently embark on their journey to owning a luxury watch, knowing they are acquiring a genuine piece of horological craftsmanship

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